The interlocking system adopted by the Lock-BUILD Group was initially developed at the University of Hawaii, USA. Later development took place at the Asian Institute of Technology, Bangkok, Thailand. During these periods, totalling some twenty years, the system evolved into a fully fledged international class building system with extensive construction projects throughout Southeast Asia. The design and technology of the interlocking system also evolved from simple one-story rural cottages to complex multi-story urban developments. The Lock-BUILD Group was founded in 1992 and employs architects, engineers, builders and planners, some of whom helped to create and develop the original interlocking system. The company was created to efficiently deliver Lock-BUILD projects to clients in Thailand.


The Lock-BUILD Group is capable of servicing a wide spectrum of projects: from a singlefamily residence to large scale urban developments and from a chemical plant factory to a greenhouse. Many construction projects are also be Turnkey operations. The following services are provided using either the Lock-BUILD system or conventional construction methods.

  • Design/Build of Lock-BUILD and conventional construction.
  • Professional services include Architectural design, Project feasibility studies, Environmental planning, Quantity surveys and Cost Estimating, and Mechanical and Structural Engineering
  • Construction Management and General Contractor services.


LockBUILD, an elision of ‘interlocking building’, describes a system of assembling buildings utilizing a modular based, mechanical and grout method of interlocking to fabricate and assemble, on site, structures that primarily rely on locally available raw building materials.  Rather than bolting, welding, nailing, screwing and gluing together or pouring concrete into complicated wood molds encountered in conventional building construction, interlocking reduces construction time and complexity, enabling projects to be completed more quickly.  Unskilled, inexperienced labour, tutored to carry out simple tasks in fabricating and as